Food Quirks and Nostalgia.

The more time you spend with people, the more you pick up on their little quirks and habits that are completely unique to them. I've been missing my housemates like crazy over the weekend gone past and I came to realise that their quirks that I remember most vividly all happen to be food related!

SL will LS like crazy the next day if she has KFC or anything that is remotely too spicy. She also takes a minimum of 2 days to finish a cup of bubble tea and the half empty cups always stay in the fridge, even after we roll our eyes for days too.

Princess Jas likes a coffee after work if she's had a stressful day - I am usually the one responsible for bringing home her takeaway pick-me-up. She favours Asian food immensely and is in cahoots with some dude who makes killer naan bread.

Queen Vic seems to have some ridiculous tolerance level for all things spicy and along with King Ed, will faithfully watch TV shows like Man v. Food with me and plan our imaginary American food trip. Ed drinks Mochas and they both really like ramen/Japanese food in general - then again, we all do. 

Me? I like bone marrow, truffles and all things offal, al dente and cheese. In short; I basically eat anything.

Last Summer we filled an entire fridge with soda cans to ward off the heat and all year round, there was a seemingly an unlimited supply of Hello Panda and Shin Ramen at home. Our Friday night takeaway staples were Fish and Chips or KFC, despite SL's shortcomings. When we cook at home, it's always Chinese food - unless of course, I cook then there will definitely be pumpkin salad on the table and whatever else I can think of at the time.

I remember the first time I went over to the house for dinner when we were just acquaintances. I was hesitant and shy, until they insisted that I would be just another welcome place at their table. ("只是多一双筷子而已吗...") Dinner once a month grew into dinners every week, dinners grew to three meals a day and even on holidays. I still remember SL was frying chicken wings at my family gathering the first time I met her and I actually wondered to myself, "Who is this random person frying chicken at my family gathering?".

I told you - it's amazing isn't it? Food really does have that amazing way of just, bringing people together.